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Commercial Builders Risk Insurance Coverage

As a building owner, you oversee a number of elements that must come together to help create a successful building project. From the building itself to the materials to the laborers, you manage all of these costly factors. Just as accidents, robberies, and extreme weather can damage a completed home or commercial structure, buildings under construction are susceptible to the same destruction. Preferred Alliance Group wants to make sure that as the owner, you will not be held liable for the damage to your building in these events.

Preferred Alliance Group Insurance Agency offers Texas builder's insurance policies to provide property coverage to both residential and commercial construction projects in the state of Texas. Builder's risk policies are designed to prevent you the building owner from being left with costly building repairs, material replacements, and even legal fees should damage affect your building site. Accidents are going to happen; just make sure you're prepared when they do.

Our builder's risk insurance policies cover a number of items, including:

  • Theft of materials on-site, both installed and not-yet-installed

  • Damage due to fire, flood, wind, hurricane, and other weather-related incidents

  • Vandalism of the property or materials on-site

  • Accidents occurring on-site


A builder's risk insurance policy can also be purchased for building contractors should the building owner require it. Don't let yourself be held liable for events on your building site that are beyond your control. The insurance brokers at Preferred Alliance Group will help you choose the right builder's risk insurance policy to cover your building's specific requirements.

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