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Injured Hand Consultation

Workers' Compensation Insurance Plans

Whether you work in an office environment that requires minimal manual labor or whether you employ people for warehousing, construction, or other blue collar jobs, the chance of an accident occurring on your company's premises is always a possibility.

To avoid financial liability for medical care and the costs associated with a potentially hefty lawsuit, it is imperative that you consider a Texas worker's compensation insurance plan for your business. A worker's comp plan can not only cover medical expenses for injuries suffered by your workers, it can save your company's reputation and save thousands of dollars or more in legal fees.

What is Worker's Compensation Insurance

  • Medical care and rehabilitation related to an at-work accident

  • Medical care related to any diseases picked up on the job

  • Lost wages for employees who are forced to miss work

  • Compensation for other economic losses

  • Legal costs should the injured employee file a lawsuit against the company

  • Benefits to the dependents of employees killed because of on-the-job accidents 


​Preferred Alliance Group represents some of the best insurance companies in the country, and we can provide the best commercial workers compensation insurance program that will fit your company's needs at a competitive price.

We will work together with you to make sure that you buy the appropriate Texas worker's compensation coverage to meet your company's needs. Whether your employees are blue collar, white collar, or both, we will make sure you understand the importance of a worker's comp policy and will direct you to purchasing the ideal one for your company at a rate you will love.

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