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Occupational Accident Insurance for Workplace Injuries

Accidents are unfortunately part of life. The last thing you as an employer hope to see are your employees being injured on the job. To protect both your business as well as your employees, you must consider an occupational accident insurance policy from Preferred Alliance Group. A more affordable alternative to individual worker's compensation coverage and one that Texas companies who opt out of traditional workers' comp often use, occupational accident insurance takes care of your employees and keeps your company financially stable at the same time.

Occupational accident and injury insurance can also be an inexpensive solution for independent contractors in need of coverage. Truckers in particular, as independent contractors, can benefit from occupational accident insurance as they drive across Texas and throughout the country on a regular basis.


Occupational accident coverage allows them to enjoy the freedom of the open road and do their jobs without worrying about their families or themselves being taken care of in the event of an unfortunate accident.

An occupational accident insurance policy includes coverage for:

  • General medical expenses - up to their prescribed limit

  • Disability & dismemberment - both of which are designed to protect the victim and the victim's family in the case of lost work and income

  • Accidental death - which supports the families of the deceased

Don't let your Texas business suffer because of untimely accidents and injuries that happen on your company's premises.

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